Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Oh! and by the way....

Let me fill you in on the race team..... incredible run last night under the northern lights and a bad moon rising*. They were powerful and driving like a freight train. Seriously..... Made me feel good about the upcoming race even with some of the hurdles in our way. I know I will have to moniter and milk my ailing dogs along but other than that I am very happy with them, and they're just pups! I'll only be starting with 10 and there is a 12 dog limit. In a race with lots of hill, that means lots of work for the musher!

  1. Lady: Our tried and true leader, the one that knows, sometimes even when you don't
  2. Io: This is one of the strongest dog I have ever driven. He is 2 and he is a handful.
  3. Big Dude: the other one of the strongest dogs I have ever driven. He is 2 and isn't the handful Io is, but makes up for it in intensity
Our 14 mo. old pups out of Thumper(Yukon Flats Village Dog) and Leo(Cotter/Buser)
  1. BossMon: already leading. already driving
  2. Sirius: Strong and tough good sized female.
  3. Jupiter: BIG and Sweet, hopefully he gets over his cough or I'll have to leave him behind
Borrowed from Dan Kaduce and Jodi Bailey (Dew Claw Kennels)
  1. Grumpy: A 35 lb. leader, yes, she is really that tiny, but she can drive!
  2. Sleepy: A 37 lb. female
  3. Dopey: The infamous dog that ran back to the start on the Basin. Besides that he is a good dog, I guess, I really am still mad at him for that.
  4. Cloud: Blue eyed male. Was my fave out the Dew Claw kennel dogs until Grumpy stepped up.
* And About the Bad Moon Rising. Jay informed me that CCR must have written this song about the Moon's Perigee, when the moon is at its farthest distance from the Earth. The moon's revolution around the earth is an elliptical path, so in each revolution the earth is at a close point twice (perigee)  and a far point twice (apogee). This is what creates extreme high and low tides. So last night the moon was at its perigee, and it was the closest it has been in 18 years. 18 years ago CCR wrote the song Bad Moon Rising, and though I couldn't find any proof of correlation of the two, I guess it sounds like a good story. So that little sliver of a moon that danced around the sky with us on our run last night was perhaps bigger than it looked.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Robutussin for dogs

We are getting ready for our next race, which is the Two Rivers 200. The team looks great , solid and tough. These new pups really stand out amongst other dogs. Just when I think we're all good to roll, there is a hacking cough coming from the yard.

Jupiter sounds like he really needs to cut back on the cigarettes. BossMon and Big Dude have it mildly. So we have been resting them as much as we can letting them hang out indoors and been boiling spruce boughs on the wood stove so that my little cabin is filled with Christmas scented steam. It seems to be giving them some relief, but it not a cure.

I did some research and found some interesting home remedies. The one with the most claims of success is

3 drops of hydrogen peroxide
2 Tablespoons of honey
Vitamin C

Add to water and make sure they drink it all quickly.
So I will be trying this tonight and I will report on the results.


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